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Reborn Tightening Facial Oil

Establish a healthy skin barrier with our Reborn Tightening Facial Oil. It uses 100% purely natural ingredients and has a significant effect on providing that extra glow, softening, nourishing and balancing the skin. The caprylic acid in royal orchid extract and the lignan in magnolol are good antioxidants and have strong anti-aging effects. The combination of 5% squalane and rose hip oil provides a perfect repair blend.

Orchid Ultimate Skin Tightening Essence 7pcs

Rossceutics Germany has more than 30 years of dedicated research using the classic black orchid CYCNOCHES COOPERI, peony rose and Ectoin® Bromelain extract. Specially made for aging and sensitive skin. Effectively activates the cell by increasing 95% of the skin's self-defence function. Improves skin regeneration ability, and firms the skin. Provide smoothness and brightness to your skin.