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Welcome to my profile! I am Lorena Grießinger and I come from Nuremberg, just like Rossceutics. I am model and influencer, which means I travel a lot internationally for shooting and campaigns.

At the end of 2019 I got to travel to China for the annual Rossceutics Convention and had the chance to personally meet Rossceutics partners and distributors. It was a fantastic experience. Through my international contacts and journeys, I had the chance to learn about different culture and traditions. In addition, I am always up to date about the latest beauty and fashion trends. Be it in Fashion Weeks, events, or just in-depth conversations with other people, I constantly come across new products, brands, and rituals.
Egal ob auf Fashionweeks, Veranstaltungen oder durch den intensiven Austausch mit anderen Menschen, man entdeckt immer neue Produkte, Labels oder auch Rituale.

However, no other products have sparked my interest and convinced me the way Rossceutics did. Rossceutics is more than “just another product with hyaluronic acid”. Hinter der Marke steckt viel mehr als nur „Produkte mit Hyalorunsäure.“
Nowadays, hyaluronic acid can be seen everywhere and can be found in a lot of products. But only Rossceutics managed to develop a serum that multiplies the efficacy of hyaluronic acid with natural plant extracts. The effect is amazing on younger skin and mature skin alike.


I was captivated by the story behind the Rossceutics brand as well as its all-round skincare concept.

as well as its all-round skincare concept. The combination of high-performance ingredients with small molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which has sustainable moisturizing effect on the skin, works true wonders on my skin.

I had always battled with very dry and blemished skin, but these problems vanished after a few applications. My skin appeared smoother, the inflammation subsided, and the feel and look of my skin was visibly improved.

That was a real blessing particularly in stressful times, among all the other problems that we teenagers have.

Many young women are confronted with similar problems. Blackheads, for example, can also be caused by stress, from eating too many sweets, or environmental pollution, which affects our skin since a young age.



During my trip in China I had some interesting observations. It was generally difficult to estimate how old my female Chinese or Asian colleagues are. No matter how old they are, they tend to have supple, wrinkles-free, and silky-smooth skin. Why is it so?

In fact, Asian women consider cleansing a very important part of their skincare routine, and that starts from a young age. For example, before putting on make-up, a thorough cleansing of the face would be indispensable.

That is an interesting and important aspect that I would like to convey to my peers. The sooner we establish a good skincare routine and provide enough moisturization to our skin, the less we will have to deal with blemishes or the wrinkles that come with age.

The product range of Rossceutics is a very good start in developing a good skincare habit, since they can be incorporated into most skincare routines and can be used under make-up.

Therefore, for me, Rossceutics represents affordable luxury and healthy skin.

I am glad to be an Rossceutics ambassador, because I am 100% convinced by the products, which have already become part of my skincare routine – it is the perfect beauty boost at home and on-the-go.


“Me time” is for me very important. What makes it even nicer is being able to share it with my best friends. Have you ever had a beauty gathering with your girlfriends? Gemeinsam eine Rossceutics Maske auflegen, gemütlich bei einer Tasse Tee entspannen und dabei quatschen.

My goal is, to let more women as well as men get to know Rossceutics, so that they can experience for themselves the amazing effects of the products.

Who knows? Maybe you will fall in love with the products, just like me. Just try it out and see for yourselves!

Or we can also meet personally at one of the beauty events of Rossceutics for a “Meet & Greet”!

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